The Old Chaser Farm

A CSA that includes a weekly delivery of produce, (Old Chaser Farms) eggs, (Old Chaser Farms) dairy, (made by Corson Building) preserves, (Corson Building) bread (Corson Building), wine, (selected by Marc Papineau of Bar Ferd’nand to pair with the week’s offerings) recipes from The Corson Building and Sitka & Spruce. Is this the future of CSA’s?  I hope so! Found this gem thanks to Book Larder: A Community Cookbook Store.


Here I Am, Matt!

Do you remember the voting for best Seattle food trucks last year to choose America’s Top 20 Food Trucks? The results are in and Where Ya At Matt made the Smithsonian Magazine prestigious list -congratulations! I love his beignets! Thanks for sharing Chef Robin Leventhal!

What I find interesting when reading through the list is how such this hot food trend – Food Trucks – has converged with others, such as ‘Farm to Table (or in The Purple Carrot Truck‘s (in East Lansing, MI) case – ‘Farm to Truck’) and how ‘artisan’ is applied to BBQ in the Bone In Artisan BBQ On Wheels in Columbia, SC. Another notable mobile sanctuary of deliciousness is Hapa SF, offering modern organic casual Filipino food in San Francisco. Their pork egg rolls were “the best we have ever tasted here,” says SFoodie.

Check out the other contenders for Smithsoian’s 20 Best Food Trucks in the United States. Have you noticed a blending of other hot food trends lately? A Pie Pop-up? A Sous Vis Food Truck? Share what trucks would make your Top 20 list!

A toast to this inaugural post

Welcome to The Latina Locavore’s first post!

As I sit to type this, a tantalizing array of possibilities are swirling around like legs in a well vinted glass of wine.

Last night, I found myself in the warm anise scented embrace of beef pho from Green Leaf (the Vietnamese mecca in the Intl District of Seattle), while watching Anthony Bourdain muck about Vienna onscreen, eating all sorts of ruminant delights (braised sheep colon, anyone?) as my fellow epicurean friend and I toasted his public inebriety and search for a ‘pus stick’ with our own cheap beer (Miller Time!) We swiftly followed up the viewing with a quick trip to Whole Foods for a favorite Blackberry Cabernet sorbet discovered upon a previous Bourdain viewing. How could one not enjoy a sweet finish after watching Tony mutilate his dessert with devilish glee at the famed Hotel Sacher -even more famous for its national dessert, Sacher Torte.
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