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Know what makes the end of presidential campaigns even sweeter –something warm out of the oven by a celebrated local chef who is living out some ambitious forward-thinking goals for bettering the health and sustainability of our community. Sound familiar? How about getting a piece of that progressive pie tonight?

In case those election night pre-jitters are still coursing through your body, (not to mention the streams of discourse all over Facebook and Twitter), I invite you to join me tonight at 6 p.m. at the Macy’s Downtown Seattle for their Culinary Council event with Chef Tom Douglas. Pick up a copy of his latest book –The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook and get it autographed by Tom himself!

Dahlia Lounge diners and visitors to its adjoining Dahlia Bakery can attest to the sweet finishes Douglas’ bakery team whips up for your culinary enjoyment in-restaurant or at home. And not that you need reminding, but the ‘Biggest Eating Event of The Year’ is coming up in oh, 2 weeks from tomorrow -no panic inducing intended. Why not pick up some tips from a guy who has some tricks up his chef whites’ sleeve?

In tonight’s ‘Bring something tempting to the table!’ you’ll hear how to:

Bring something tempting to the table! It’s never
too early to get a head start on your holiday baking!
Learn how to create sweet and savory favorites made
famous at Seattle’s own Dahlia Bakery. Chef Tom
Douglas will share his favorite recipes from his new
cookbook The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook.

In case you missed Tom’s recent very candid interview with Inside Scoop San Francisco, he is not only a restaurant entrepreneur (with 13 restaurants under his belt and counting) he’s also a huge investor in the health and prosperity of our community, trying to raise $20 million for the food bank system. His company also works with the Seattle Public Schools, where he currently helps re-design school lunches with a greater focus on nutrition and fresh foods. In addition, his daily work consists of writing menus, and working with the chefs. In his words: ‘My job is to give them a parameter for the restaurant and get butts in the seats. Their job is to live within that, be creative and work hard.’

If his testament of hard work, dedication, and learning and moving forward from mistakes isn’t enough to get you through the door tonight at the 6th floor Culinary Kitchen, the wafting smells on the elevator ride up should do it. See you there tonight!

Capacity for tonight’s event is limited. RSVP here or call 800-786-2665 to claim your spot.


Disclosure: I was contacted by Everywhere on behalf of their client, for coverage of this event in exchange for goods, services, or payment for my participation. Like  Everywhere, I abide by FTC guidelines in disclosing this information.