I’ve got sheep on the brain -going to check out a flock of bahhhhby lambs on beautiful Whidbey Island Farm Camelot Downs tomorrow with the PCC Farmland Trust along with Lisa Beuning. I just checked out this video about Camelot Downs and what it means to be a ‘Colonial Farm.’ Apparently, that means no running electricity, and that lamb birthing is done by lamp light –wow, that’s impressive. Looking forward to learning more about the Colonial Farm experience tomorrow -weather gods, please be kind.

CAMELOT DOWNS: colonial sheep from Mark Plumberg on Vimeo.

5 minute video for ASI am petition on behalf of Gary and Lois Fisher at Camelot Downs on Whidbey Island. A truly unique colonial farm. This only touches on the unique aspects of the farm and the sheep. Stay tuned for the full length video on the entire colonial farm experience.